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Supporting You

Whether you need a ‘critical friend’ to bounce an idea around with or someone to attend a difficult meeting at short notice the HR Services Partnership offers a wide range of HR support that responds to your organisations needs.  Here is a brief overview of some of our key services:

  • Day to day advice
  • Attending difficult meetings
  • Performance management
  • Investigations
  • Equality and diversity
  • Mediation
  • Job evaluation
  • Pay and benefits
  • Employee relations
  • HR Software
  • Recruitment and Selection
Day to day advice
Our clients know that when they call the HR services Partnership their call will be taken by their own HR manager. If they are unavailable, our clients know that their query will be answered by their second named consultant.  We are committed to providing you with consistent, practical support when you need it. 

Attending difficult meetings
At times you may find that you need to communicate some difficult messages, perhaps in a disciplinary, capability, redundancy or grievance situation. In these matters we can attend meetings with you and provide you with the support you need, including helping you to prepare for the meeting, provide advice, take notes and deal with any follow up actions.

Performance management
The HR Services Partnership can work with you to improve the performance of your people, including an effective performance management system. Whether you need to review your existing appraisal scheme, develop a new one or one with an organisation-wide balanced scorecard approach, the HR Services Partnership can support you. This includes coaching your managers to use these processes.

Should the need arise, we can carry out independent investigations within your organisation. We will report on the facts of the case and adhere to any relevant procedures you have in place. You can then make an informed decision and agree a course of action.

Equality and diversity  
Your policies relating to equality and diversity are the starting point for reflecting your commitment to equal opportunities. We can work with you to review how diversity is managed within your organisation and help to you to identify how your policies or practices can be better integrated into your organisation’s culture. 

Professional mediation can offer a constructive way of resolving conflicts to re-establish an acceptable working relationship, especially where carried out sooner rather than later. We offer a tailor-made mediation service for clients to help resolve conflicts within teams or disputes between individuals.  Our fully qualified mediators will work with your organisation to discuss how mediation can best meet your needs.  

Job evaluation
Job evaluation is an accepted and fair way of helping organisations to determine pay.  We can work with you to train your staff to conduct job evaluations or we can evaluate jobs on your behalf. Job evaluation is often part of a wider review of pay and benefits.

Pay and benefits
At HR Services Partnership we can help you to design and implement a pay and benefits strategy and structure. This can include salary benchmarking and introducing a flexible benefits scheme which will help your organisation meet its operational objectives in both the short and long term, while remaining sensitive to your corporate culture. We can help you on individual cases or provide a complete solution for your organisation.

Employee relations
Investing in good two way communication with your employees will help you to effectively manage change, prevent problems from growing and lead to a happier and more motivated workforce. The HR Services Partnership can work with you to identify the barriers to good employee relations and help you to plan how to make improvements.

HR software
At HR Services Partnership we can provide cost effective web-based HR software, via Tristar Computing. Whether you are looking for a system that you can manage yourself, or a system which supports the outsourcing of your HR click here for further details.

Recruitment & Selection
Finding the right people is crucial to the effectiveness of your organisation. We are not a recruitment agency, instead we will work with you to maximize your chances of sourcing, selecting and retaining the right people by:

  • Planning: We can plan and project manage your recruitment from concept to completion, starting with designing a  job description and person specification which reflects your organisation’s culture style, through to negotiating an offer of employment. 
  • Administration: We can help to remove the administrative burden of recruitment, including advertising the position and processing applications, especially where confidentiality is key. We are experienced with high volume recruitment and vetting processes for those working with vulnerable service users. 
  • Assessment: We will work with you to ensure that you employ the right people, with the right skills, attitude and behaviour. In the job description and specification we will ensure your criteria is robust and thoroughly tested during the recruitment process. This can include: screening and short listing candidates, devising competency based interview questions, interviewing, devising other selection exercises, or conducting psychometric testing to identify the right person for the role. 
  • Appointment: We can draft the contract, carry out vetting, devise the initial training and induction plan and remind you when to conduct the probationary reviews.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our support services, please contact us today on 01403 240 205 to discuss your needs with one of our team.
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