Pay and benefits

Your pay and benefits package reflects how you reward and recognise staff and plays an important role in attracting and retaining people.

Our HR experts can help you design and implement a pay and benefits strategy and structure that reflects your organisation’s performance and purpose. This can include salary benchmarking, payroll preparation and flexible benefits that align with your short and long-term operational objectives.

Can you afford the potential backlash if you get your payroll administration wrong? If the answer is no, consider outsourcing your payroll management to our HR consultants who are up to speed with employee benefits and tax legislation.

We offer a complete service from itemising payslips to calculating maternity, paternity, holiday and sick pay to processing tax code changes.

Your organisation can thrive or fail depending on how your remuneration packages compare alongside current market rates. Get your salary benchmarking right and you retain satisfied employees; get it wrong and you could be paying more than you should.

Researching comparable information can be arduous, but as experts in the third sector, HR Services Partnership can help. We support you in ensuring your remuneration packages are in line with those offered by organisations of a similar size. We guarantee an accurate in-depth analysis and recommendations that will help you make effective and informed salary and benefits decisions.

All organisations need a fair, logical and replicable framework for calculating grades of pay. HR Services Partnership can help you determine these taking into account all the complex criteria that need to be considered within your organisation and the relative value each job has. Using our extensive experience of the community and voluntary sector, we can assist you in creating a clear and compliant framework to effectively remunerate your employees.

Your organisation needs a systematic method for determining the relative importance of job roles and allocating pay. Job evaluation is an objective and acceptable process for assessing the content of a job and its worth within your organisation. Our HR experts can evaluate jobs on your behalf or work with your staff to conduct job evaluations and demonstrate how these align with your wider pay and benefits package.