Contracts, policies and procedures

Employers are legally obliged to provide their workforce with an employment contract and a staff handbook outlining their organisation’s policies and procedures.

These documents inform the framework used in the case of grievance or disciplinary procedures. Our HR consultants can review your current processes or help you create new bespoke documents, with guidance on how to implement them.

We can help you create clearly written contracts that avoid ambiguity and lay out your organisation’s expectations of each employee. This helps your staff understand their rights and responsibilities. With our guidance on how to populate contracts, it also protects you by minimising the risk of dispute.

Staff handbooks provide employees with a clear insight into your organisation’s culture. They define your policies and procedures and are an essential document for inducting new employees. Written well, they reinforce your company ethos and clarify your expectations. Our HR consultants can help you compile an engaging handbook that is relevant to your organisation and your workforce.

Policies are a legal requirement that provide you with a framework to manage your staff consistently and fairly. Our HR experts will help you create policies that are relevant to your organisation and which promote good practice. Our guidance is informed by research and the latest legislation.

We recommend 11 practice areas that are crucial to effective people management and development:

  • Career opportunities
  • Communication
  • Employee involvement
  • Job challenge/job autonomy
  • Job security
  • Pay satisfaction
  • Performance appraisal
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Team working
  • Training and learning/development
  • Work-life balance.

We can help you reduce cumbersome administration tasks by providing affordable web-based HR software via Tristar Computing. Depending on your capacity, you can outsource your HR administration to us or we can support you in managing it in-house. As with all our services, this package is flexible to meet your needs.

Working together, we can audit your HR administration systems and look at ways of supporting your operational effectiveness. These include monitoring the effectiveness of your HR systems through absence management, staff retention and turnover data.

There is a wide range of HR software systems on the market. All are designed to store all your staff data in one place, reducing administration, helping with GDPR compliance, and making reporting easier. However, systems vary in their functionality and added features. We can help you find a system that is right for your needs, and help you implement an efficient administration process.