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Protecting You

At HR Services Partnership we do not like to use scare tactics to gain more business.  Whilst we all see the headline settlements at Employment Tribunal, it is important to remember that most claims never reach a Tribunal and the average compensation is under £8,000.  However, the hidden costs to organisations can be more damaging. Our ethos is to help you manage your organisation and work with you to manage the risks, ensuring good governance.

Here are some ways that we can help you to do this:

Employment contracts
By having a well written contract which specifically reflects your organisation’s circumstances, you can help ensure your employees understand their employment rights and responsibilities, thereby reducing the likelihood of a dispute.

Policies & procedures
According to the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) “Introducing HR policies and procedures gives organisations the opportunity to offer a fair and consistent approach to managing their staff.” Research into performance at work by this organisation has identified 11 policy or practice areas that are crucial to effective people management and development:

  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training and learning/development
  • Career opportunities
  • Communication
  • Employee involvement
  • Team working
  • Performance appraisal
  • Pay satisfaction
  • Job security
  • Job challenge/job autonomy
  • Work-life balance

Not all of these will be relevant to all organisations and some policies are required by law, while others are to promote good practice. At HR Services Partnership, we can work with you to identify the appropriate HR policies and procedures for your organisation.

Legal compliance
Well designed contracts and policies are at the foundation of a good employment relationship, however, it is important that your managers know how and when to use them.  At HR Services Partnership we can help you navigate your way through the complexities of employment law and help you to understand your rights and responsibilities as an employer.   

Health & safety
We have a qualified and experienced Health and Safety Consultant who can help to keep you up to date with all your health and safety requirements. From writing policies and carrying out your risk assessments on site, to answering queries and training staff regarding a range of health and safety topics.

We work in partnership with an insurer to provide Employment Tribunal protection insurance.  Whilst this may not suit all our clients, for those clients who select this service it means that providing you have followed our professional advice, any tribunal costs awarded are covered by insurance, allowing you complete peace of mind. Please contact us for a quote.

For further information on any of the above mentioned services, please contact us today on 01403 240 205 to discuss your needs with one of our team.

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