Organisational change and strategy

Sometimes the most effective way of advancing your business is by implementing organisational change.

We understand this might seem a daunting task, but with many years of HR experience in the third sector, we can confidently and expertly guide you through this process.

There are numerous reasons why you may need to restructure to make your company more forward-facing and equipped for future challenges. We have a proven track record in helping community and voluntary organisations achieve change smoothly and in a way that ensures business continuity, stability, productivity, and operational efficiency.

Our specialisms include:

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Restructures can often be stressful because they happen due to a need for change or financial adjustment. Our HR consultants’ initial focus will be helping you understand the impact that restructuring has on your organisation. From there, we can assist you in navigating through restructuring options in a way which maintains a motivated and productive workforce, while minimising risk and costs.

A well-run consultation process not only meets the statutory requirements but ensures that you retain the trust and confidence of your staff team both during the change as well as once the dust settles. Our consultants will support you through the design, planning and implementation; whether physically in meetings or there on the phone to debrief.

TUPE is short for Transfer of undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations, which protects employees’ terms and conditions when a business transfers ownership. It requires an HR practitioner with significant experience in employment law to implement the transition seamlessly.

Our HR consultants are experts in navigating employment legislation. We can explain the potential impact on your organisation, help you prepare for the transfer and implement any actions that are necessary. We can help you with any aspect of TUPE transfers, ensuring they are conducted efficiently and your organisation remains compliant.

We understand the negative impact redundancy can have on a company and the need to manage job losses carefully. Our thorough knowledge of the redundancy process means we can expertly guide you through the redundancy process effectively, minimising the risk to your organisation.

We provide an integrated approach that includes planning a business case, compiling relevant information for the consultation process, and developing a realistic timetable for implementing redundancies. We will advise you on compliance, ensuring you meet your legal obligations and work with you to ensure there is clarity in communicating the process to your staff. Additionally, we can work with you to soften the blow for affected employees, offering outplacement services (career coaching and job support) for staff who are made redundant and who seek future employment.

I could not recommend HRSP enough to anyone looking to restart, develop or reinvent their career. Annabelle’s professionalism and support throughout the process was invaluable and allowed me to reflect on my career to date before taking the step into my next role. I’m starting my job on Monday. (Anonymous to protect confidentiality)