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Meet the Team

Here are the names, faces and contact details of those who work for the HR Services Partnership.

Image of Maria
Maria Aguilar
Laura Bennett
Image of Annabelle
Annabelle Carey
Managing Consultant
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Image of Jo
Jo Chambers
Senior HR Consultant
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Melinda Clements
Melinda Clements
HR Consultant
Email Melinda Clements
Corinne Curtis
HR Consultant
Email Corinne Curtis
Rob Evans
HR Consultant
Email Rob Evans
Rachel Housego
HR Consultant
Email Rachel Housego
Vicky Johnson
HR Consultant
Email Vicky Johnson
Sarah Powell
Finance Officer
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Alison Preston
Email Alison Preston
Sharl Ramdass
Jeanette Ray
HR Consultant
Email Jeanette Ray
Katia Sparks
HR Officer
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Image of Jerry
Jerry Taylor
Nora Vatrici
HR Administrator
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