Is your workplace bully-proof?

Unfortunately, no organisation is impervious to the possibility of bullying occurring. Although it may be difficult for an organisation to admit that it has a problem with bullying in the workplace, it is crucial to consider the impact it has on staff wellbeing, productivity and of course, institutional reputation.

A report released earlier this year by the Centre for Mental Health informed by its survey on workplace bullying in the charity sector points to the need for all organisations to have measures in place to tackle the problem. However, it is possible to develop a workplace culture where you can minimise the incidences of bullying and implement robust strategies that unequivocally address the issue. This starts by acknowledging that bullying can happen.

Maria Aguilar, Director at HR Services Partnership (HRSP), advised:
“It is important for organisations not to be complacent about bullying. They must continuously strive to have in place a range of initiatives to prevent bullying, and if bullying does occur, to deal with it swiftly.”

As an HR services provider to the voluntary and community sector, HRSP offers a comprehensive approach to tackling bullying. To begin with, it helps establish whether a problem exists and the extent of it by:

  • carrying out staff surveys, with questions designed to understand an organisation’s culture
  • carrying out exit interviews to understand whether staff have experienced or witnessed bullying
  • providing a confidential telephone reporting line (much as an internal HR team might do).

By following the initial steps, HRSP can then support senior teams with:

  • training for both managers and staff
  • policies and procedures which set clear standards and guide the organisation with providing the right response.

From here, HRSP can deal with problems that arise by:

  • conducting investigations, including recommending actions
  • supporting organisations needing to use formal procedures.

The end goal is to create a culture where bullying will not thrive and managers feel confident in knowing how to deal with potential problems. If your senior management team or CEO would like a confidential discussion about bullying with one of our consultants, please contact