Employee relations

Your people drive your organisation’s success, so maintaining a loyal and happy workforce is fundamental to the health of your business.

Invest in a clear employee engagement strategy to motivate your workforce, manage change and avert conflict. Employee relations may seem precarious and time-consuming, but we can equip your managers with the tools to communicate clearly, set expectations, resolve problems and maintain morale.

There’s only one way to truly evaluate your workforce’s sentiment and that is by asking them. A staff survey is an effective and transparent measure of employee engagement. After identifying your objectives, HR Services Partnership can help you design, implement and analyse your survey. Done effectively, it can enhance your relationship with your employees, address critical issues and direct organisational growth.

An effective appraisal process harmonises your organisation by aligning staff objectives with your business mission. Our consultants can help with every stage of appraisals, to help you manage performance and identify development opportunities. We work with you to create a culture where your staff perform at their best, nurture their ambitions and feel they are genuinely contributing to your organisation’s mission.

Demonstrating to your employees that you are committed to their physical and psychological wellbeing is a big win in gaining staff loyalty. It shows you take your duty of care to each individual seriously. With one in six workers in the UK experiencing stress, anxiety or depression, it is important to provide an appropriate and supportive work environment. Our experts can give you expert guidance to ensure the support you provide is relevant, compliant and effective.

We understand how time-consuming and disruptive disciplinaries can be for your organisation. With our expert knowledge of current employment legislation, we can help you create performance standards, and advise you about risks and appropriate actions. We can also attend meetings to provide on-site support to your managers in reaching resolution.

Having a robust grievance procedure can protect your organisation and save time in resolving complaints. Our HR consultants are available to help you through every stage: from initiation and investigation, devising policies for handbooks, to holding the grievance meetings and implementing follow-up measures.

In HR terms, ‘capability’ means the skills, knowledge, ability, and aptitude an employee brings to their job. When there is a mismatch between employee capability and their performance this can cause problems for colleagues and productivity. Few people wilfully make mistakes, miss deadlines or engage poorly with teammates, but it is important to address any issues before they escalate. We can advise you on appropriate action, examine the circumstances and support you with solutions to improve competence.

Let us help you improve your employees’ performance by devising an effective performance management system. Do you need to update your appraisal system or get advice on pay and benefits benchmarking? We can develop a bespoke scheme that reflects your company values and sets measurable goals. Our consultants can also coach your managers on how to implement the scheme, agree objectives, review action plans and provide appropriate feedback.

A robust and objective absence management system supports your employees and protects your organisation from costly exploitation. There are a variety of reasons why employees may need time off from work, including short-term sickness and long-term health issues. We can devise a strategy that effectively addresses employee absence, no matter what the cause, and help you maintain productivity.

Our HR consultants will recommend how to monitor and manage absence, considering reasonable adjustments, occupational health referrals, and return to work processes. Your bespoke strategy will support both employer and employee, encompassing the legal aspects of tackling inappropriate and unauthorised absences.

Sometimes there is an unavoidable need for settlement agreements. You may have an employee who is consistently underperforming or who isn’t suitable for your team, causing disruption and impacting negatively on team output. It may seem a daunting task, but we can steer you through the legal requirements and iterative processes that need to be followed to deliver the settlement.